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Yoga: The Natural Source Of Health

While most humans in the United States support their well-being with the approach of conventional medicine aka medication, yoga surges in our society in these most challenging days for physical and mental health as a natural source of health that is simple and accessible for everyone, at every age and stage, body type and mental state. However, not everyone is ready to access this ancient approach of natural recipe for living longer, better and more. We live in a quick fix, fast paced culture so not everyone is ready for a long term process of great results. Changing this is extremely difficult for our society, but the ones that can understand and unwind the rhythm, are the ones that are living life with more joy, fulfilment and overall health.

I choose to write this message in the month of April to honor the journey of 5 years of ownership of Kasa Yoga by Christina crafted into a brand. As you all know, many challenges came my way as the Founder and Teacher of Kasa during the past 5 years, and as many of you already know, I am facing another challenge in securing this space on Lovers Lane for Kasa as the contract renews, but that is a story for another time.

This anniversary is really symbolic for me and the real symbol is the fruitful result that the practice brings to my students. I call my members students because they are being educated in self care, self love and a healthy approach to their body-mind difficulties. I am their teacher, more than an instructor, because I am sharing my own experience and knowledge of 25 years in this practice, reading, reflecting and discussing with my Brazilian colleagues on how to constantly improve their connection with yoga as an art of living well.

5 years of teaching 6 times a week delivered me an incredible sense of gratitude when I see my students developing balance, vitality, strength, tenacity, empowerment and freedom of movement. I see their minds more calm, more focused and more joyful, developing a positive attitude towards themselves and their lives.

They develop this incredible intimacy with the floor, with gravity, the silence and their breathing. They learn that as they use their bodies to practice the asanas, every posture has an intelligence and demands some time to enter the body structure, so they meditate as they practice and allow the pose to do the work in their inner structure.

As a result, I see messy hair at the end of savasana, a snoring noise in savasana and brighter eyes and skin as they leave class, back to their outside lives. The practice got them there organically and I fulfilled my purpose - to find the right recipient: an open body and mind, with a receptive behavior for what's new.

It's Kasa's anniversary, but the gift is to all of us. A vibrant community of over 150 dedicated members, committed to regular practice, deeply appreciating the multifaceted benefits and intricacies of yoga as a natural source of health. Their collective dedication creates a ripple effect, enriching each individual's life with profound joy, contentment, enhanced health, and happiness, enabling them to savor every facet of living well to the fullest.

We continue, Kasa Members. This is a practice that never ends, there is no graduation or finish line. It's an eternal connection of living with a refined system, body-mind-spirit, that empowers us to see life as a gift, not as a difficult chore. 

Happy New Month!

Gratitude and Love Christina

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