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About Kasa Yoga

The Destination for Wellness in Dallas.



Kasa Yoga by Christina is designed to be the most desirable place for wellness, health and beauty in Dallas, Texas. Our mission is to improve the quality of life for our members in all senses: physical, mental and spiritual. When you come to Kasa Yoga, you come to stay and feel connected with us, with our mission and with yourself. Our services and our products are designed to promote a transformation in your life in a way that every experience that you have with Kasa Yoga will connect you emotionally with our brand. In our selected menu we offer Yoga, Meditation, Nutrition, a Beauty Line, Retreats, Workshops, Guest teachers, all designed to enhance the life of our members in all aspects. Our Kasa is your Kasa. Welcome to your safe home away from your home!

Why Kasa Yoga?

Suitable for Everyone

Body & Mind Health






Our Founder

Christina Siepiela

Christina Siepiela was born in Curitiba, Parana, a city in Southern Brazil. She is a former Family Law attorney and College Professor in her home country with a Doctor in Civil Law degree and two published books about DNA and Paternity. 

She has been living in Dallas for almost 15 years where she is married and with two daughters. After being a stay-at-home mom for about 11 years, Christina decided to pursue a new career as a yoga teacher and became certified in the Kaiut Yoga Method and in Psychotherapeutic Yoga. 

Yoga has been a part of Christina’s daily routine for about 20 years of her life. In her journey as a yoga teacher, Christina found herself able to recreate her life also as an entrepreneur as she founded Kasa Yoga, a boutique-style destination for Wellness, Health and Beauty, inside out, for everyone at any age and stage in their life. She created Kasa Yoga in the heart of Dallas: a street called Lovers Lane AKA the Miracle Mile, inside the first neighborhood where she has lived since moving from Brazil. 

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Our Health Coach

Dara Akdamar

Dara Akdamar is a certified Nutritional Health Coach. She shares her knowledge with our students through workshops, events and classes. 

Dara's Credentials: 

  • Certified Functional Nutrition Health Coach IIN (Institute of Integrative Nutrition)

  • Certified International Health Coach IIN

  • Graduated with honors at the Academy of Culinary Nutrition 

  • Bachelor Degree in Education and Teaching.

Dara's Food Philosophy 

  • Eat nutritionally-dense foods and know what foods promote health to your own body.

  • Preparation is key (always have a healthy snack or meal ready).

  • Eat mindfully.

  • Give yourself grace with imperfect food choices. Let it be the exception and without guilt (Begin thinking of this as a lifestyle and jump back to living it).

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