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Kasa Creates Health In A Different Way

When I opened Kasa Yoga Dallas in 2019, I had one main purpose: deliver a different approach to the yoga practice, interweaving the best of the two cultures that I was then immersed in: coming from Brazil where I was born and lived for 31 years of life, and then living a new life, a reinvented one in the United States.

Embracing uniqueness and impacting lives has defined my journey. As someone who always stood apart, embraced the unconventional, and walked a different path, the Kasa project reflects this ethos. It's not about opening just another yoga studio in Dallas; it's about pioneering a fresh approach to teaching and practicing Yoga.

Reflecting on the past and present moment, I am certain that I have achieved my main purpose: Kasa is making a difference in people's lives. I see my students living their lives with more joy, more vitality, happier and healthier. Their commitment to the practice and their respect for their bodies, their time on the mat and their understanding for the asana's work, silencing their minds and breathing with purpose make Kasa Yoga Dallas the one and only place to deliver yoga for healthy aging.   

But what is the main component that differentiates Kasa Yoga from others? Nurturing, that's the difference. Kasa's environment was created with neutrality where values such as silence, acceptance, vulnerability and safety are the core components of the ancient practice. Members are encouraged to continuously improve their skill of being able to switch the tune of their minds as they arrive for their classes and work with deep devotion and compassion for their bodies, as the asanas are presented in each class. Students understand their purpose in class: slowing down their physical and mental rhythm that the modern lifestyle demands and tune with their nervous system using the body postures to reorganize how they operate in their daily life, in all senses and directions: family, work, social and personal connections. 

A meaningful yoga practice stems from the inner world. Kasa produces Oxytocin in the members body and mind and together, teachers and students, make the world a better place to be with joy, peace and kindness. 

Love and Light,


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