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You Don't Know Until You Know

When I planned the Yoga retreat last December, my intention was to create a healthy summer destination for Kasa Yoga Dallas members where together we could be away from our daily responsibilities and enjoy yoga, good food, reading, beach, spa and some necessary sleep.

I chose to be in Tulum at Jungle Keva Boutique Hotel owned by my longtime friend, Kendall Inman. A small place, very beautifully designed in every single detail, in the heart of the Tulum jungle!

The Unwrapping Nature Inside Out Retreat was launched in January, 2020. The 12 spots were sold out in 8 days.

March 2020 brought COVID-19 and a global pandemic was declared. From original 12 ladies, the retreat ended up happening with only 2 and quickly became a VIP private experience.

It turned out to be the best decision that I ever made.

Being close to nature made me realize how powerful the earth is and how much we can count on nature to strengthen our body and mind. As I moved away from my daily responsibilities as a studio owner, where I am dealing with all the challenges that Covid-19 brought to small businesses, nature became a source of solace for me, inspiration, adventure and delight; a home, a teacher, a companion.

Nature became unwrapped, inside out. Together, me and my students explored beautiful places around Tulum. Internally, we had a chance to explore our own nature and we were able to see and to reveal weaknesses that make us even more humans.

We understood that Nature, the one around us and the one inside us, evolves. It’s powerful and it has its own movement of growth and repair. It embraces us with quiet, calmness and silence. It transforms when it’s necessary and takes different turns to survive and continue to live. There is no fear. There is only power. Beauty, acceptance and adaptability.

Unwrapping Nature Inside Out is now the official name of the Kasa Yoga Dallas bi-annual retreat in Tulum, at Jungle Keva Boutique Hotel.

January 19-24, 2021 is our next one. More details to come.


Love and Gratitude,


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