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How Retreats Help You Evolve

Why should you go on a yoga retreat?

I asked myself that question 2 years ago when I started to prepare the program for my first retreat as a hostess. What would my guests enjoy while with me, away from their families, work and home for almost a week?

After reflecting on my purpose of offering retreats I came up with the name of “Unwrapping Nature Inside Out”. I said “yes, this name expresses exactly my vision for what I want a retreat TO BE”.

The “unwrapping” word came to me when I was walking at Northpark Mall during Christmas time in 2019 and I saw the word in front of the Neiman Marcus store. “Unwrap your gifts this season with us”. That word jumped out at me and I said “yes, retreats are for unwrapping”. They are a gift for someone that chooses to take the opportunity to reset, withdraw from the day to day duties and enhance their self-knowledge - all throughout the practice of yoga, good nutrition, meditation and quality sleep. Retreats will be a space to unwrap our own nature, revealing sides of us that the fast pace life won’t allow us to see, accepting challenges that life brings and having the courage to take them on and make changes.

Feeling this sense of necessity as I observed my students at Kasa and what their daily lives demanded of them, I choose to create an idea of a magical destination. So, I chose Tulum, a very special area in Mexico well known for the power of its own nature. As most of you know, Mexico changed my life for the better 17 years ago.

Kasa Yoga Dallas and Jungle Keva Boutique Hotel, owned by my former yoga teacher and good friend, Kendall Inman, became partners with the purpose of offering a unique experience in Yoga, Nutrition and Nature for our guests and the first retreat was born in July of 2020, in the middle of the pandemic. The second retreat came in February of 2021 and the third one this past month. 14 Kasa members have attended the retreat in this past year and I am not shy in saying that their lives have been changed since then.

Together we became better, in many senses but specially to ourselves. With two yoga practices and meditation daily, healthy and local nutrition, quality of sleep, journaling, reflecting and exploring Tulum nature, the retreat represented a source of health for our physical, mental and spiritual aspects. I am the yoga teacher and the hostess, but my guests also taught me in so many ways as well. We unwrapped ourselves, our nature and the nature outside of us exploring remote places around Tulum and exploring remote places inside ourselves…

I am planning to continue to offer retreats annually. I do believe in the power of environment, nature and self-care/self-love. Transformation, growth, repair and regeneration are an essential part of us as humans and we must find where we can have it as a source of living well.

Stay tuned for Unwrapping Nature Inside Out Retreats in 2022; it’s the year that I will personally celebrate my 50 years of life and I will continue to honor my own nature as I explore the world inside and out.

Enjoy some good pictures of our memorable moments from 2020-2021 in Tulum!

For the first two to register for the next retreat will receive a special promotion and only 10 spots will be available! I want to keep these intimate and sweet.

Gratitude and Love,


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