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Christina's 12 Favorite Micro-Habits For 2023

Instead of starting the new year making big changes that in February or March won't be sustained because they were too hard, we can find a perfect way to reset our daily routines with tiny changes that can break old and unhealthy habits to create a real difference in our lives.

I came up with the idea of sharing all of my tiny habits that over time produced big changes in my life. Some of them I have been doing for years, some of them I started this past year. I am calling them "Christina's 12 favorite micro-habits for 2023" and they are:

12. Eat and Shop Local. Support your community, the businesses that are made and built by locals and, as much as possible, remind them how important they are in your life.

11. Once or twice a year, visit the ocean. Lay down in the sand, close your eyes and let the power of nature take over your thoughts and feelings.

10. Select 6 books to be read for the year. 3 for the first half of the year, 3 for the second. They must be different in topics, subjects and authors.

9. Pause, sit on the floor, on your bed or on your couch, be in silence and just breathe for 15 minutes with your eyes closed. Experience the power of the silence.

8. Cold morning showers. During your warm morning shower, before you turn the shower off, turn the dial to very cold and let it run over your neck, hands, feet and back.

7. Take a hot shower just before bed, let the water run on your head, hair, face and neck.

6. Before your hot shower at night, turn your TV, phone and computer off. Turn the lights in your room down and get your bed ready for you.

5. First morning drink, while in fasting, mix: warm water, a lime squeezed, honey and turmeric powder.

4. When you wake up, stretch your entire body 2 times while on your bed. Arms, legs, torso. Make a noise if you feel like it. Then, before you stand up and start to move, sit on your bed, legs off into the floor, place your 2 feet on the ground, close your eyes and in silence, start your day with a grateful thought.

3. Set your mat, bolster and strap in your bedroom close to the wall.

2. At night, after your hot shower, lie down on your mat with your legs up to the wall, head and neck on your bolster or on the floor and rotate your head to the right and left slowly a few times, pausing for a bit on each side. Use your strap around your foot for a reset on your legs at the end of the day. The, before to go to bed, stay in silence with your eyes closed and breathe, in a comfortable position for you.

1. Floss your teeth every day.

Remember dear members: tiny is mighty. Micro is big. At least when it comes to change. Start small to enhance significant changes in your quality of life starting with healthy habits.

Wishing you an incredible new year in our lives, continuing our journey of weekly practice at Kasa Yoga Dallas, and that we maintain our health, peace and joy every day when we open our eyes.

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