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Behind The Scenes Of The Opening Of Our Facility

The story behind Kasa Yoga started on January 17, 2017. I received a phone call from my teacher Francisco Kaiut. We haven’t had spoken in about 11 years and there was so much to talk! I didn’t know that the seed was being planted at that moment: between talking about life, yoga, family, children, dreams and life in America, when I hung up the phone I knew that it was a message delivered through that phone call: a Kaiut Yoga School in Dallas. But with me? How? Why? When? Am I able? Am I capable? Do I want? Is this the right time? My life is so comfortable as it is… why should I change? Where am I going with this idea? Is this a crazy idea? May be not?

From that moment to the grand opening day (1/17/17 to 7/11/19), 2 ½ years went by and so much has been accomplished during this time. I became a Certified Kaiut Yoga Teacher and a Studio Co-owner. I had never imagined to be an entrepreneur, much less own a business, but the Universe was sewing the destiny. I couldn’t say no to something that my heart was saying yes. And I took the chance, I accepted the risk and I decided to find a way to make it happen.

After becoming a Kaiut Yoga teacher with 200h of training, Francisco thought that it was time for me to start teaching in Dallas. Bent Tree Country Club was the right space at the moment. It was May of 2018 and I opened the doors to the community. Incredibly, week after week, month after month, the classes were becoming consistent and I was becoming fascinated to the teaching side. I mentioned to Francisco one day, with tears in my eyes: “Is it possible to fall in love again with something that I am already in love?”. I was really amazed how some days after had taught a class an incredible feeling of passion and gratitude invaded my heart… I was more and more sure that I was doing the right thing in this Life, the one and only we have to live fulfilled.

On November of 2018 I found the perfect cottage house at Lovers Lane, in Dallas, to be the place to receive our Kaiut Yoga Dallas School. It took me 13 months to find the right location. Location, Location, Location as we say in the real state world is everything. I wanted a house. I wanted Lovers Lane (my first neighborhood when I moved from Brazil in 2004). I wanted to design a sister school for Kaiut Yoga Praca da Espanha, in Curitiba, the first Kaiut Yoga school in the world. I wanted more… I wanted to start now!

After finding the house… we had no choice but make it happen. In 8 months, paperwork, meetings, teamwork, difficulties, solutions, laugh, cry, love, life… all is together and finally… we are Opening Doors with our hearts full of gratitude and joy for all this!

As Richard Branson says “If someone offers you an amazing opportunity and you’re not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it later”.

Francisco did this to me and I couldn’t say no. My heart was saying yes to the amazing opportunity of creating this special destination place in Dallas to the wellness, health and quality of Life.

Thank you Francisco. You got me out of the box and I loved what I saw outside. Now, there is so much more to do and I can’t wait to be there, inside that beautiful cottage house Kaiut Lovers and teach Kaiut Yoga Method that will touch so many Lives in our Dallas community.

But then this story gets better… Part of this 2 ½ years of developing this project there was a trip to Toronto, Canada, to attend my first teacher training with Francisco, in 2017. I was working at the training as a front desk helper and I saw this lady coming straight to me with a CD on her hands. She says to me “Hi, I am Valerie from Martha’s Vineyard and I have this CD with images of my knee to show to Francisco before the training starts. Would you please give this to him?” From that first contact, we met for lunch a few times, we enjoyed Toronto for a few times in different trips on another trainings, and our relationship became a friendship. I started to discover this immense soul and fun woman, who became an incredible friend and my business partner.

With Valerie, I discovered the beauty of Martha’s Vineyard… I spent 10 days of my last summer teaching Kaiut Yoga at her studio and exploring the beautiful island with my daughters. We had an absolutely amazing time… it was an unforgettable trip! Valerie and I had a few conversations as sisters/good friends during the period in the island and one message that I can’t forget was related to the present moment looking to the future: “Christina, you must pursuit your dreams and find your own path besides being a mom and a wife. What you are is beautiful, but your heart is calling you to open another chapter. What you are doing it’s an immense act of courage and your girls will see their mom in a different way in a few years. You will inspire them to pursuit their own path. Keep going girl”. When sometimes I feel the heaviness of the amount of work and responsibility, I remember Valerie’s words and it gives me strength to keep going.

To you both, Francisco and Valerie: my words for this evening and for the upcoming years of this beautiful journey together are: Gratitude. Love. Life. Commitment.

Thank you for being part of my Life.

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