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The Kasa Yoga Method

We teach a modern method of physical Yoga practice, of Tibetan origin.

It is modern because it adapts the ancient knowledge to the way we live today, allowing it to be practiced by anyone.


It is not necessary to be young or "elastic" to be able to take classes with us. We dismantle the classical postures of Yoga and combine them in a way that they become accessible to anyone, so that all the benefits of this ancient knowledge can be assimilated without injury. 

We understand that each body is different and that each person is unique, therefore any need of the students can be addressed in a personalized way. 


Each class is designed using poses and time in each pose combined into sequences that are elaborated in careful details, depending on the objectives and possibilities of each student.


This combination of poses and time in them allow the body to loosen up, the movement to be gradually restored, causing each joint to progressively return to its optimal level of functioning.  

The goal is never to "achieve" something, but to be in the pose, to perceive the sensations, to notice how your body and mind react to each one of them and, mainly, to be present in what happens at the exact moment it is happening. 


This way it becomes also meditative practice, although active, and is an important facilitator to reach the goal of slowing the rhythm of the thoughts in your mind in the head and a higher quality of focus. 


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Kasa Yoga Dallas Testimonial - Mark

Kasa Yoga Dallas Testimonial - Mark

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