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My First Trimester

As I continue my journey as a Kaiut Yoga teacher in Dallas, Texas, I pause to reflect what I had learn in the first three months of teaching.

It was after my 200h Teacher Training in Toronto, Canada, last April, when I decided that my time to teach was there, inside me. But as what had happened to me when I was expecting my first child, I didn’t know what was inside me… I just knew that I was ready to take the step and become a mom (looking back to 2006), and looking now, 2018, to open my doors to the students. However, how everything was going to unfold was an uncertain direction. The felling of expectation was there: I knew that I was ready, but how I was going to handle the new reality was a secret of Life, a leap of Faith. An invisible force moved me towards my dream and with that force I took the path: I am a mother of two girls and I am a Kaiut Yoga teacher, about to complete my 300h Teacher Training with Francisco Kaiut, in September.

So, here what I had learned in my first trimester:

I had learn that when I teach I am providing a service to each of my students, a service to their wellness and health in a holistic approach. More than teaching to them poses and sequences, above and beyond, we are acting towards their wellbeing, physically and emotionally. We are planting small seeds of living well and aging with quality on their system, and for that reason our being requires (1) a nonjudgmental attitude, (2) a non-expectation of recognition and (3) an absolute/chronic state of presence, leaving all the aspects of our personality outside of the yoga room. It’s almost like to say to myself: “get out of your mind, slow down and be only on your body”.

I also had learn that good things happen organically. What is that? The Kaiut Yoga method has to become an organic aspect of us. I mean with this that we have to live with and within the results of the practice, day by day. Practice here includes our personal practice and teaching practice. Combined, they become a fundamental tool for our personal evolution as human beings, as teachers, as endless students. On this aspect, I learned that this organic ingredient only comes with our personal practice, as Francisco teaches to us. So I built a routine in my life of practicing 4-5 days a week and I always practice before I teach, setting the tone of my voice and my spirit, slowing down my mind (thoughts and feelings), and getting my body prepared to deliver the service. I truly believe that our personal practice is the first step to a teaching with quality and integrity. It’s similar to a wine or food experience: how can you know what does it taste if you never tried before?

And finally, I had learned that there is the Union that Kaiut Yoga brings is between our Being and Doing. When we have the practice organically in our system and we understand that our role is to deliver essentially a service to the human being, our purpose of “Why Yoga? Why Kaiut Yoga? Why teaching Kaiut Yoga?” becomes clear: we practice and teach Kaiut Yoga because we live and believe in a force that is transformative and invisible. This force operates on us and our students a very simple but challenging power: the ability and capacity of making better choices in Life. What I am reflects on what I choose to do and I live healthier, happier and with more balance.



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