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Introducing Kasa Yoga's Exclusive Skin Care Brand, Beauty by Apothecary

Cristina Bruneau is the Founder of Beauty by Apothecary, a 100% naturally pure skincare collection designed for anyone looking for high-quality truly organic skin care and authentic remedies to nurture the body. Launched in 2018, Beauty by Apothecary was inspired by a story of tragedy. Cristina’s daughter suffered from acute renal failure in 2012 and would be required to go on dialysis for continued life before her kidney transplant. Understandably, Dialysis was one of the last things Cristina, a Mother of four would want for any of her children. Not only faced with keeping her daughter’s kidney function at the same level for a year until the transplant procedure, Cristina was also a suitable donor.

Growing up in Mexico in a family of thirteen, Cristina was raised by a Mother who relied on many things to raise her children, including what the earth could provide. Using natures products to heal, protect, and relieve every scrape, cut, rash, allergic reaction, ache, pain, and even sunburn. Not only was Cristina’s Mother a healer but also a teacher who passed on knowledge of her own and of many generations’ past. Driven with a purpose and motivated by love, Cristina’s mission was to immediately revamp and implement a natural holistic approach to ensure optimal health and a chemical-free lifestyle for what would soon be a home of a Mother and Daughter duo who share a set of kidneys. Through extensive research and diligence, her home and healthcare regimens became chemical-free, toxin-free, and all-natural. Cristina spends her days researching, crafting, and implementing natural organic ingredients into every product Beauty by Apothecary produces. She is passionate about healing and teaching people who may suffer from ailments and is diligent in producing the best skincare products to protect, rejuvenate, and aid in ultimate health.

The Beauty by Apothecary brand is all about giving, healing, nurturing, and love. Our clients are extended family and witnessing their reaction to positive results because of our products is one of the reasons we love what we do. “I love seeing client’s reactions when they see the results of our products.” said Cristina. Our goals are based on the solution to the problem. When a natural remedy is part of the solution, we assure you, knowledge, experience, and research are the first ingredients of our all-natural products.

In 2019, with a successful launch and an exciting first year for Beauty by Apothecary, Suzanna Dupuy became a Partner and Co-Founder. With her passion for health, wellness, and beauty, Suzanna has over sixteen years of experience in high-end skincare brands. She and Cristina share the same values, commitment, and dedication. Their mutual vision of a brand of high-quality, truly organic skincare products is simple, authentic, chemical and filler-free, with potency and efficacy we can all depend on.

Like a match made in heaven, Suzanna is a Mother of five beautiful and now grown children who were all born abroad. A traveler of the Southern Hemisphere, she lived in and experienced exotic locations such as Peru, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Mexico. Always fascinated by the possibilities of natural and local health remedies, Suzanna constantly sought out natural beauty secrets. Suzanna commented, “There are so many things in nature available to help naturally heal and support our bodies.”

Our skin is the largest organ of our body and what you put on your body is as significant as what you put in your body. The ingredients in our skincare products is all-natural so your body instinctively knows how to efficiently and effectively use the ingredients to heal and nurture your body. If the products you use contain harmful ingredients such as toxic chemicals, colors, and fragrances, those ingredients make their way into your body, your bloodstream, and lymphatic system. It’s important to become educated about what ingredients help instead of harm.

After returning to the United States, Suzanna made a career in the skincare industry with high-end brands, specializing in botanical and mineral based products. Being her kids were grown and she was now considered an empty nester, Suzanna was challenged with what she wanted to do in the next. The Beauty by Apothecary skincare line is the answer. Cristina and Suzanna became partners on a mission to provide natural and organic skincare made with 100% pure ingredients. The next challenge, getting the amazing skincare line to you.


We made our debut online and have now partnered with businesses such as Kasa Yoga Dallas in the beautiful Bluffview neighborhood on Lovers Lane where our entire skincare line can be found. We believe in total mind, body, spirit, and a perfect partnership with your health and well-being in mind. Beauty by Apothecary began with a Mother and Daughter duo and we are now in communities bringing Mother and Daughters together with our organic and natural brand.

Crafted in small batches, Beauty by Apothecary ensures the highest level of efficacy and freshness. Our packaging was chosen specifically to minimize exposure to air, light and bacteria before and during use. We try our best to describe the smell of each of our products and heaven comes to mind if it means extremely pleasant, enjoyable, or beautiful (thanks to essential oils and plant extracts). Beauty by Apothecary is 100% Natural, non-toxic and cruelty-free.

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