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How Kasa Yoga Came To Be

Love. Integrity. Peace. Community. Wellness. Health. Beauty. KASA YOGA BY CHRISTINA

Kasa Yoga Dallas is your new Kasa on Lovers Lane.

COVID-19 isolation was an opportunity to reinvent myself and my mission in this life. A Life that was given to me to be lived filled with love, courage and gratitude. On March 17th, I closed the doors at my studio and went home. My heart felt empty as a reflection of what I was seeing inside Kaiut Yoga Dallas School: an empty, fearful, hopeless, sad space. I stayed home and the days went by and I couldn’t think, talk, or share anything, with anyone. I became silent for a few weeks, only united with my personal yoga practice, my family and my books. Three weeks went by and I started to feel something different. My silence had a voice underneath. This voice was a message arising from inside my heart. It was a call to live, think and do different. It was time. The pandemic, for me, was a serious moment to reorganize life, habits, connections, lifestyle, friendships and the tone. Yes, the tone that I was putting in my daily life, mainly toward my business. I realized that my tone in how I was handling my daily tasks at the yoga studio was heavy and I needed to soften it. Heavy in a sense that the "DO"s were more important than the "BE"s. Heavy in a sense that productivity was above experience. Heavy in a sense that I was more interested in completing tasks rather than make connections with my community. I was concerned about tomorrow, but the present was the real moment and I was letting the present be taken by the worries and excessive responsibilities. I was tired of the rhythm and I felt a force inside me saying “change your path”.

So I took a pause. I needed to calm down my thoughts and reorganize the entire project that I had designed with so much love and commitment for three years. I turned my attention to entrepreneurs and business minds as a source of how to move forward with my business, what I can do different to serve better and who I can be to promote more love, kindness, wellness and comfort”. Six more weeks went by. Those 6 weeks revealed that it was necessary to change the direction and reinvent myself as an entrepreneur, giving to my business a different approach in its purpose and essentially restore what I felt was once sad, empty, fearful and hopeless.

Kasa Yoga by Christina was born and Kasa is a place where you are safely home away from your own home. Our mission is to establish a new form of communication with our members and restore their wellness, wellbeing, self-care and self-love through the practice of positive and natural sources of health: yoga, nutrition, beauty, meditation and an overall holistic approach to enhance quality of life. When you come to Kasa Yoga Dallas, I want to give you a real life experience of comfort, safety, brightness, energy and happiness. This experience starts with our beautifully designed environment, but goes above and beyond: quality in the practice of Yoga, true connection that promotes humanization and empathy, healthy choices in what you eat, how you care for your body and how you can live a better life and feel well as you leave Kasa and go back to your world. What you experience emotionally inside my studio must resonates to your life outside. If I achieve this, I believe I am achieving my business purpose in the human aspect. It’s what I call integrity inside and out of a Yoga room. Today, I personally want to welcome you as a member or future member of Kasa Yoga by Christina. Kasa is now a destination of wellness and health for the Dallas community and your well-being is our priority.

I continue to be your yoga teacher, teaching the Kaiut Method and I prioritize my daily studies and practice on this ancient art of living well. As I expand my business toward wellness and health, I also expand my yoga community and we are now together practicing simultaneously in four Countries: Brazil, Ireland, Canada and United States. Together, we are dedicated to the most refined way of delivering yoga to our communities, restoring the most essential sense of Nature inside ourselves. I am happy with my Kasa and I want you feel the same!

Seja Bem-Vindo, Namaste,

Christina Founder and Teacher

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