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Delivering A Service Based On The Value Of Living Well

I want to share something personal with you: when I decide to do something, I do it with all my heart. I search for the best results, I commit to the integrity of the work that I am delivering. You are my community and I value your life, your time and your commitment to the practice at Kasa. All that I do here is promote quality in YOUR life: in the physical, mental and spiritual aspects.

Going back 20 years ago to my life when I was living in Brazil and the first yoga teacher that looked at me and said: “this practice can change your life; it can cure your pain and search for the causes of your discomfort. You can basically live better from now on. You just need to commit to come here two times a week, every week, perhaps for the rest of your life. You won’t ever desire to stop when you understand the meaning of a healthy life, in all senses”.

Her name was Luciana Ross. In my trip to Brazil last month, I met Luciana again after 15 years away from each other (last time we saw each other it was my wedding night). The trip was prepared for the moment where we both, now yoga teachers, would discuss how we could tell the world the immense benefits of the therapeutic practice that she developed in Brazil uniting studies of pain, trauma, neuroscience, physiology, physical therapy, psychotherapy, through the practice of wellness and health as yoga, meditation, breathing.

In the coming months, Luciana and I will be sharing our path together to promote mental and physical health. Kasa Yoga Dallas will be the first yoga studio to become a wellness center where we deliver a service based on the value of living well.

More to come!


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